Kitchen Spray Painting

Fancy a change of look for your kitchen?

We provide a professional spraying service to completely transform your tired kitchens, doors or anything else you would like spraying for a fraction of the price of a new one.

You dont even have to remove everything from your cupboards as we have a way of spraying on site that means minimal disruption to your daily lives.

Most Kitchens we can complete in a week, all we will ask is to have aproximately one evening where we can leave pretty much everything taped up while the paint dries.

All the cupboards can pretty much still be accessed.

We can arrange some time before the job starts so we can discuss colour schemes, the process of the job, the possibility of changing all the handles and fixings and the time scale of the job.

With plastic sheet walls we can create an enclosed room while we are working on your kitchen, so even in a open planned room we can contain any dust to one area.

Where possible the majority of the spraying will be undertaken outside in our pop up booth and the doors can then just come back inside to dry.

All doors will be removed for spraying!!

Everything will get fully protected with delicate tapes and plastic sheeting so no paint will get anywhere you dont want.

We can also offer a handle replacement service so your new kitchen can look even fresher with shiney new handles to finish it off.

Our product of choice is a product from a company called Renner. Their paints are super strong and leave an imaculate finish that will amaze andlast the time.

With a choice of sheen levels and being able to colour match any colour you can pretty much pick what you would like.

We use a full waterbourne system so all the products are as eco friendly as they can be and they are also really fast drying. 

We start the process by giviong the kitchen a really good clean using a comercial degreaser and a good bit of elbow grease.

Next I will test my primer. We have a few different choices for the first primer depending on what your kitchen is. Basically I want to find the best adhesion primer I can to just guarantee even more that no paint will chip. All the primers have such a great ahesion though so nothing will scratch them off.

Once I have decided on the product I will use the next step will be to apply 2 coats of the primer. Once this is fully dry everything will get a really good sand down with really fine grit sand papers to get a glass like finish before the top coats.

Finally the top coat will have a additive added to the paint which acts as a hardener/drier just to add even more strength to the product, it also makes the paint chemical resistant unlike other products.

Finally 2 top coats will be applied of Renner in the desired finish.


Now everything gets a good clean up and we get to see your amazement of how good your brand new kitchen looks!!

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