Designer wallpaper hanging.

Have you just found your dream wallpaper?

Now you've just realised how much it is a roll!!

You now probably think it's best to get a local professional in to hang your new pride and joy wallpaper.


Well you've came to the right place!


Here at Saxby Decorating we have vast experience in hanging all types and styles of wallpaper.

Whether thats extra wide splice and joint papers or just normal with butt up joint papers, we can do them all.

With experience in hanging wallpapers from like Morris & Co, Cole & sons, Designer guild, Farrow & Ball and others you can feel comfortable that we can hang your wallpaper to make that special room in your house.

Whether it's just a feature wall, a whole room or even as bold as the ceiling, they can all be done. 

All wallpaper gets put up to the manufacturers instructions using the manufactureres chosen paste for each roll. 

Every wall papering job starts with the prep. If the walls are in bad condition underneath we will completely skim these walls out to make them as flat as possible, basically creating a perfect base for the wallpaper. This really makes a difference wit patterned wallpapers as it means your corners will look perfect.


Next all the walls will get cross lined first, this basically means to hang lining paper in the opposite direction to the finished paper. All wallpapers recommend this, what it does is allows the paper to dry evenly and stops the joints from opening up, It also has lasting effects and makes the paper feel so much stronger and flatter on teh wall.


Finally to putting up the final paper. This takes care and precision! We plan out the room first to make sure the pattern is in the best position possible to get maximum effect around the room. We also use laser levels to so everything is perfectly straight and allign around the whole room.

Finally once all this planning is over we are ready to put up your new paper.


Now for the transformation process and making this room the finest in your house!

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