Inetrior decorating

When it comes to interior decorating we really aim for the most perfect finish possible.

Most of our interior decorating is completed with a spray finish, meaning we are fast but also leaving a flawless finish, you will be amazed by the difference between the spray finish and tarditional techniques. You will never pick up a brush and roller agian!


We also take so much pride in finding the best products and producers on the market to make our jobs the standard you deserve. We are constantly trying new products and talking with suppliers to keep us fully up to date. 
We aim to be as Eco friendly as Possible by only using water borne products for all of our work. 


Once the job and the date is agreed, I will come and see you before hand to drop colour charts in and discuss colour options for the job ahead.


Getting the preparation right is the art to getting a smooth and Perfect top finish.

We care about your house as much as you do, so we use a sander for all our sanding made by MIRKA.

We have different sanders that all attach to a dust extractor meaning nearly all our work is virtually dust free leaving our lungs clear and your house as we found it.

We take extra care in sheeting everywhere up fully, including all walkways and entrance areas so no mishaps can happen. 

All sockets and lights will be loosened off or removed and taped up using tapes by Tesa protecting the from any paint.

As for fillers it depends on the substrate. Toupret is our favoured choice for our powder fillers for the general areas, These products seem to have the strength to hold off problem cracks.

As for the woodwork we always use 2 part hard wood filler, also using decorators caulks by geocel or CT1 to get round the edges and the problem string areas on the stairs. 


When it comes to the painting we only use the finest products. Our paint of choice is Tikkurila for the top coats, This is a company from Finland that have been making paint since 1862, We beleive these make the finest water borne Eco friendly products on the market. Our product choice for the base coat is a Company called Caparol from Germany, these make a high adhesive water based primer that grips perfectly on your new/previously oiled surfaces allowing us to use our hard wearing water borne products on top to finish.

We pick the correct paints for each room in the desired finish. This means using harder wearing products in kitchens, bathrooms, some hallways and general finishes elsewhere. Whether it's matt, durable matts or eggshells we can offer them all for all areas. 
As for the woodwork we use hard wearing water based products again. Whether you would like matt, satin or high gloss in any colour you would like it's all possible. not only that we provide a range of finishes, whether you prefer the brushed or roller finish, or we can also offer a professional spray finish using a high quality aired spray gun allowing us to control the spray patern so much that we can spray all your woodwork in your house without destroying everywhere in the process. This really leaves a smooth factory finish that is just unbeatable for quality!


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