Lime washing

We have lots of experience in traditional lime wash decorating.

We use and have good links with Igilby Lime in Sudbury that have been making traditional lime products for three generations. They have an amazing colour selection themselves but they can also match any colour off of any colour chart, so the choice is endless for your house, providing the Grade listings allow you to change colour. 

We have experience in both interior and exterior lime, using traditional tallow bound and the more modern pozilime.

We follow the manufactures instructions of application to the book to get the best results and the finest finish for long lasting results. This means that all jobs will have a minimum of the three coat system stated by the manufacturer.

All areas are completely covered and protected to ensure a safe and clean job at all times. 

We have experince in decorating Tudor National trust buildings, traditional farm houses, churches like Rattlesden church and general cottage and barn exteriors/interiors.

Along with the lime we can completed the rest of your exterior, repairing and re-puttying windows, changing and replacing rotten wood, plus completely decorating all exterior woodwork to the highest standard as stated on my exteriors page.

We offer all this service at very competitive rates to keep not only you but also your wallet happy too.

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