Exterior walls

We paint all exteriors, no matter what state theyre in or what material theyre built by. Whether its brick, render, cladding or lime morter we can do the lot.

This will include basic exterior repairs using sand and cement for most or whatever is necessary for the job at hand.

All walls will be prepared with fungicidal wash if needed on green areas, or exterior stabiliser to seal and chalky/powdery areas.

To finish we will be using professional trade exterior paints from the finest exterior paint suppliers so the job will look great and last through the extreme weathers we get. 

Exterior woodwork

We offer basic repairs for the exterior woodwork. This includes replacing small pane's of glass, the replacement of rotten window sill's if needed. replacement of window beads and putty's, gutter repairs and small fascia repairs.

We always offer a gutter removal and cleaning service as we have to remove them for painting.

We only use a 2 part solution hard wood filler and the best primers for the job depending on the desired finish and the substrate we are applying them to.

All wooden areas will be fully prepared using electric sanders and hand sanding, completely taking back any loose paint burning off if needed in places. getting the surface fully clean and having a great key will make the top coats more durable and last.

Finally to finish we only use the best quality material in the desired colour and finish for the job. Whether you like opaque exterior stains, wood stains, oils or general gloss or satin finishes.

Before the final coat of paint all glass will be cleaned so everything is left sparkling.

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